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Muay Thai Juniors


Team Luke Thep Sangwan


We focus on promoting our own young talent!


The training for the juniors is carried out by licensed and experienced trainers.

Your children will be trained with the same professionalism as our top competitors.

Please note that our children's and youth training is also performance-oriented.

As a recognized performance center in the region, our focus is on the training of competitors.

Everyone who wants to train at this level, without competition ambitions , is of course welcome.


fun training

Team spirit, fair cooperation, and conveying values  are very important to us.

We offer...

professional training according to the latest iMEAS training standards

professional support during the competitions,

the opportunity to attend national and international competitions

Mental motivation coaching and medical support

Insurance coverage through the state sports association




two paths into competitive sport

For teenagers and kids we offer Muaythai competitions according to the rules of the IFMA


For the advanced and competitors, we offer individual support and a qualitative introduction to Olympic Muaythai.


Our training methods and content are based on traditional Muaythai


Interested....stop by

we ask you to take a look at our gym rules before the first training session



The training takes place from 11 years:


Monday to Thursday  from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (training schedule below)

Talent promotion only at the invitation of the trainers

Contribution: 20 euros per month / 25 euros association fees  yearly

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