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respect -  honor - tradition -  Fair play - friendship

"I remember how it all started in an unheated barn and five martial artists who wanted to train in the area."


Since then, a lot has happened.....


The martial arts department of the TVO is now a performance center for Muay Thai and kickboxing in Rhineland-Palatinate. It is recognized and licensed by the State Sports Association.  For the first time in Germany and for our Muay Thai fighters an enormous step from the early days.

The training offered in the TVO is licensed by the German professional association for Muay Thai boxing, MTB Germany eV and the Thai professional association IFMA.

In the field of kickboxing, our recognized trade association is WAKO Germany.

We organize our own fight galas, squad, state and sighting courses and now offer almost daily training courses and a home in the club for more than 60 fighters. We are successfully represented at all important national events and are also gaining a foothold on the international stage.


We have been able to win a number of medals, cups and titles so far. Our fighters achieved vice youth world champions in kickboxing, several German titles, state titles and gala victories after exciting encounters in the past.


Three years of development work were also necessary to achieve recognition and licensing by the state sports association. We were the first in Germany, so all structures had to be created from scratch.


We became the flagship and precedent of the association.

Which of course meant further work in trainer licenses, professional training, recognition by IFMA Thailand.

One of the most important points in our vita and development was moving to our own hall in 2013.



Member of the MTBD and a trainer license in Germany through the IFMA  Thailand 2004

Specialist licensing of the trainers in 2006 and joining the TVO

LSB License 2009

MTBD IFMA professional license 2014

Move into and renovation of the hall in 2013

Recognition as a performance center 2015

2016 Recognition of Muay Thai by the IOC

Muay Thai is declared an Olympic sport.

Founding member of the Muay Thai National Association RLP

2017 Licensing iMEAS / MAD

2019  World Cup Thailand 

2020 Recognition as a state base amateur K1 by WAKO


We are very confident about the future and would like to thank everyone who has accompanied and supported us along the way.

​ What is very important to us, despite the fact that we fight each other, we train together as a group.

As a member of the LSB / Muay Thai Bund Deutschland eV / WAKO, we fully accept the NADA Code (National Anti-Doping Agency).


Post Department Muay Thai - K1 Kickboxing

Young people under 18 years €20 per month

Adults over 18 years €30 per month

For all members, association fees between 25 € per year / license and passport

Special social regulations by arrangement!

We want to make it possible for everyone to learn our sport and be part of the team!

For this reason we are a department of TV 1846 Oppenheim eV and not a sports school.


Since we are a non-profit association, every member undertakes to support work assignments for the association.

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