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We hoist the flag virtually

1st IFMA VR Championship 2020

Dirk Pfau from TV 1846 Oppenheim eV brought gold to Oppenheim

The world champion title in MaxFit goes to Germany / Oppenheim.

Dirk Pfau from Fight Team Oppenheim was able to prevail against Peru, Great Britain, Austria and China Taipei after tough preliminary rounds.

In the final it was against Sri-Lanka, here too Dirk was able to clearly win all three rounds.

The disciplined week-long preparation has thus fully paid off.

Dirk, who works as a licensed cardio and fitness trainer in the Muaythai department of TV 1846 Oppenheim eV, was the oldest participant in the +41 pool at 47 years old.

With his constant top performance, he inspired the judges in all rounds. So after evaluating all the points, it was gold for the participant from Germany Oppenheim.

We proudly congratulate them on this world-class achievement.

More top 10 finishes for the team

Department manager Alexander Dibaba 5th place in the WaiKru Masters and Lucile Kappi shadow boxing female youth 17th place 9th


Gold rain in Oppenheim. Eight German titles, four times silver, one bronze, for the Fight Team from TV 1846 Oppenheim eV


In times of Corona and a worldwide lockdown in our sport, all national and international competitions have been canceled for months. For this reason, an international e-championship was created for the first time.


Under the patronage of the IOC and organized by our World and Federal Association for Muaythai the IFMA and the Muaythai Bund Deutschland eV The first German virtual championship was therefore on the program. The placed athletes qualify for the world finals in early October 2020. What had to be done. According to the strict specifications of the world association, compulsory exercises corresponding to the age groups had to be recorded and then sent online to the judges' committee.


In the disciplines: Wai Kru, the ritual and traditional dance before the fight, in honor of the sport of the masters and the king. There were many factors that were evaluated strictly according to the specifications from Thailand. Comparable to the kata in judo or karate or TWD.


Shadow boxing, on the other hand, was more about dynamics and power. Here a real fight should be simulated in three rounds.


In the MaxFit, as the name suggests, maximum fitness was required. Performing many repetitions properly leads to high ratings here.


The martial arts department of TV 1846 Oppenheim eV was represented by all age groups in the disciplines MAX Fit, Wai Kru and shadow boxing and MaxFit by Lucile Kapp, 16 years old, in the disciplines Wai Kru and shadow boxing - two-time German champion. Alessia Brück, 15, years old, Vice German Champion in the WaiKru discipline. Fabia Pohl, 16, in the WaiKruh Bronze discipline. Youth trainer Melanie Kappi, 36 years old, in the disciplines WaiKruh Vice German Champion and shadow boxing German Champion. Lian Spengler, 11 years old, Vice German Champion in the shadow boxing discipline. David Barani Pfaus, 14 years old, in the shadow boxing discipline – German shadow boxing champion. Leon Balbach, 17 years old, two-time German champion in the WaiKruh and shadow boxing disciplines. Fitness Coach Dirk Pfau, 47 years old, wins the Max Fit -75kg discipline – and becomes German Champion. Head of department Alexander Dibaba, 47 years old, German champion in the Waikruh discipline and German champion in shadow boxing. 

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