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Muay Thai worldwide 


The next big step is done:

An important meeting took place in Lausanne with the agenda point to propose full recognition for International Federations (IFs) in sports.

The International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) and the sport of muaythai have been proposed for approval. IFMA has showcased to the IOC that they are in line with the Olympic Charter, have adopted the World Anti-Doping Code and prevention of manipulation of competitions. Furthermore, IFMA has showcased independence and autonomy in the governance, universality, wellbeing and safety of the athletes, youth development, gender equality and many more.  

IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan stated: “This is a historical day for all the 148-member federations around the world and it is the result of IFMA's strategic planning for over 20 years protecting the ancient traditions of muaythai but strictly following and promoting the Olympic Charter .”


The President thanked, certainly the IOC for their trust but also AIMS President, Stephan Fox, for his continued effort to work for the overall good of sport. dr Sakchye Tapsuwan congratulated each and every sport which was part of this important decision.

General Udomdej Sitabutr IFMA Vice President stated: “As a Thai, I am truly proud that muaythai is part of the 5 Rings and an Olympic recognized Martial Art and Combat sport. This is a proud day for all the IFMA Family especially the athletes. IFMA will continue to work as one towards our unified goals.”  


Charissa Tynan IFMA Director stated: “IFMA has implemented the Olympic Values in all our actions from the athletes to the gyms, the National Federations and the world body. Only a couple of months ago muaythai was included in the European Olympic Games not only as a combat sport but included with the rich cultural elements. We must thank the IOC Sport Department for all their guidance and support and certainly the IOC Executive and President Thomas Bach for acknowledging IFMA's work within all stakeholders.”


Janice Lyn, IFMA Athletes Commission Chair stated, “Today millions and millions of IFMA athletes around the world are proud that after provisional recognition, the IOC Executive and Sport Department have brought us an important step closer towards full recognition and the 5 Rings. We will continue to understand the responsibilities we all have within the Olympic family and also the 5 pillars of Respect, Honor, Tradition, Excellence and Fair Play, the pillars of muaythai and IFMA. Thank you to the IOC and thank you to everyone who has contributed.”


Today we are proud as muaythai is already included in the World Games, World Combat Games, European Olympic Games and the list goes on. IFMA understands that this is an important milestone in the history of IFMA, but also understands the journey is just as important as the destination and we are now looking forward to the IOC General Assembly in Tokyo. IFMA will continue to follow their strategic roadmap to ensure a bright future while protecting the rich traditions and culture of the art and sport of muaythai.


The MTBD is making great strides .

After the full recognition of Muaythai by the Olympic Committee under the direction of the world association IFMA, represented in Germany by the MTBD eV, there is now a lot of work ahead of us.

We are therefore very pleased about the new additions to the board and the extended board. As a result of the annual general meeting on August 1st, it is now formed and elected unanimously by the members and confirmed in office.


President MTBD eV, Detlef Türnau, for another legislature

New election – Vice President MTBD: Alexander Dibaba

Extended board:

New election – Equal Opportunities Officer: Susanne Engelmayer

New election – athletes spokesperson: male Thomas Fuchs and female Zoe Dibaba


New election – cash auditor: Janine Reinisch and Roman Butz

The "new statutes" were passed unanimously and several working groups were set up as a result.

We are confident about an Olympic future.

Your Muay Thai Bund Deutschland eV




Department head of Fight Team Oppenheim  completes 13th Khan and iGLA examiner license.


For the 10th anniversary of the martial arts department of TV 1846 Oppenheim eV, head coach Alexander Dibaba surprises shortly before the end of the year with another high-ranking qualification in the IFMA Muay Thai. After passing the exam and demonstrating years of development work for Muay Thai in Germany, the first chairman of the Rhineland-Palatinate State Association, the 13th Khan, was awarded by the President of the German umbrella organization MTBD, Detlef Türnau. This may now use the title "Kru Yai" (transl. Kruh-teacher Yai-Senior).


Trained and tested according to the latest guidelines of the IMAES examination board (iGLA MuayThai Education System), licensed by the world association in Muay Thai, the IFMA Thailand."


The TVO department was licensed for the social project "MAD, Muay Thai against Drugs" under the patronage of IFMA and the umbrella organization "Sport and Peace", "PATRONAGE OF HSH PRINCE ALBERT II OF MONACO", and may use the official logo in the future. MAD is intended to show our young people a perspective and an alternative to partying, drugs and alcohol. "Sport is your gang", according to the leitmotif, also makes Muay Thai possible for socially disadvantaged athletes, new goals and alternatives in a sporting career can arise. Interested in a scholarship? Then please contact us.  Since IFMA Muay Thai was recognized by the IOC (Olympic Committee), this is a very important and big step forward for the Oppenheim training location. From now on, the Fight Team can take tests that are recognized by the world association. Training according to the latest standards is hereby guaranteed, close connections to the world association are essential for the progress of our competitors and can develop successfully. "Only the IFMA, as a world association and the Muay Thai Bund Germany (with its national associations) are recognized by Thailand and the IOC. This is the only official route to the Olympic qualification." Trainer licenses and graduations from the IFMA are carried out according to Thai examination criteria and guidelines and are recognized by the Thai royal family and the World Muay Thai Council. This process ensures the quality and tradition of Thailand's national sport.

"Where muay thai on it  should also include Muay Thai" Motto of the MTBD eV

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