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Logo of our new projects EMF European Muaythai Elite League;

Athletes who played in the semi-finals and finals of the European Muaythai Championship in the previous year will be able to participate in the European Muaythai Elite League,

There will be a maximum of 4 athletes in all categories, and the fixtures will be made and 8 matches will be held in 8 step in 8 countries 8 events, every step 8 fight in the night,

The organizations will be held in the form of professional sound and light special gala nights, But the competitions will be held in accordance with IFMA Elite Rules, with elite protective equipment.

Every year, 8 organizations will be held in 8 countries in EMF member countries. Candidate countries will be determined and a program will be made. we will plan meeting will be in Greece and it will start work on there.

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